Eye-Catching Copper Baths

If you’re looking for the perfect centerpiece for your bathroom, a freestanding copper bath is exactly what you’re looking for. These handcrafted baths are inspired by 19th-century designs and are sure to add a touch of character to any bathroom space. We supply the best quality copper baths in Hertfordshire, including units from BC Designs, Willam Holland and Coppersmith Creations.

Regardless of your desired style, be it nickle-plated, enamel-plated or pure copper, we will source the ideal bathtub to suit you and your home.

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Suprisingly Light

Weighing as little as 45KG, our baths normally don’t require any floor changes.

Amazingly Conductive

Immerse yourself in the incredible warmth of a copper bathtub.


Our baths are built to last a lifetime and require minimal maintenance.

I'm so glad we chose a copper bath. I was apprehensive at first, but the tub you supplied us with has totally changed our bathroom - honestly one of the best things I've ever bought!

Julie FisherCopper Bath Convert

Copper Bath Styles

Plinth Slipper

For contemporary bathrooms and enhanced luxury experience. Made of 16 gauge solid copper.


A smooth plinth with horizontal ribbing, a tightly rolled rim, and a hammered tub body.

Footed Slipper

Features a beautiful Antique Copper finish and handcrafted solid copper claw feet.

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