How To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

By 31st October 2019News
Freestanding bath

It is not uncommon for properties in the UK to be limited in terms of bathroom space with the average room being no more than 3sqm. Although smaller bathrooms are not the easiest space to work with, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are limited to dull interior design schemes with basic fixtures. There are a plethora of fantastic ways to not only encapsulate your personality but also create the illusion of more spacious surroundings – ideal for creating a tranquil environment to relax at the end of the day.

With this in mind, we have delved the internet to create a comprehensive guide on how to make your bathroom look bigger. Included are ten proven tips, ranging from both ends of the price scale – we promise that there will be something for everyone!

Top Tips On How To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Unlike other rooms in the home, bathrooms are somewhat tricky to create a ‘minimalist’ appearance. The most important feature of a bathroom is functionality, which means that it simply isn’t practical to cut out the essential furniture to create more floor space. Fixtures such as a toilet, sink, bath or shower and storage are all necessities, along with plenty of room for toiletries. Due to this, it is vital to ensure that each component of your bathroom has been placed strategically in a spot that will not only make it straightforward to access but will also prevent wasted space.

Whether you’re in the process of renovating your bathroom or are moving into a new home, our handy hacks will help you to create the perfect stylish, yet spacious retreat.

Soft Colour Scheme

A clean, simple colour scheme is a long-running interior design secret to creating the illusion of more space. Lighter, soft shades are ideal for reflecting light around the room, creating an airy atmosphere. Darker colours, on the other hand, while they look sleek, do absorb light, which means that the room can look somewhat enclosed.

When discussing neutral colour schemes, many assume that they would be limited to merely monochromatic hues. However, this is most definitely not the case. Pastel colours are also a great way to maximise light in your bathroom with some of the most popular options being blush pink, pastel blue and earthy green. Big Bathroom Shop has put together a helpful article on bathroom colour scheme ideas for more inspiration.

Not only will opting for a soft colour scheme create a spacious appearance, but also ‘future-proof’ your bathroom. The more straightforward your main fixtures are, the more you are free to experiment with the latest trends. It creates a blank canvas that you are then free to decorate with bolder accessories as you please.

Greyscale bathroom

Extra Lighting

While often left unconsidered, lighting is one of the most important components of a bathroom. Those who have ever stayed in a hotel with poor bathroom lighting will understand the struggle of attempting to complete their skincare or makeup routine without a rich light source – you want to avoid this in your home.

Although lighting is essential for convenience, it can also cleverly create the illusion of more space. Bathrooms, in particular, commonly feature the smallest windows in the home, which means that natural lighting is limited. The lack of natural light will need to be made up using artificial alternatives, placed in different locations around the room. Try to choose light fixtures that take up as little counter space as possible, considering discrete options such as recessed lighting. Recessed lighting it fitted into a hollow into the ceiling which makes it look as if spotlights are shining from a hole above.

For more ideas on how to light a small bathroom, take a look at Y Lighting.

Use Glass Panels

When attempting to make a room look bigger, less is always more. If there are any ways that you can add in features, while creating a ‘barely there’ appearance, then use them to your advantage.

One of the most effective ways to incorporate essential features while expanding the look of your bathroom is through the use of glass panels. While shower curtains can be picked up in stylish, modern colours, they do create a division in the space and enclose the area. Glass panels, on the other hand, serve the same purpose yet elongate the room. It allows the full square footage to be seen at all times.

If you would prefer to have a little more privacy, then there is always the option for tinted or frosted glass instead of entirely transparent. A light tint or frost will provide additional privacy, while still allowing plenty of light to filter through.

As specialists in bespoke shower screens in Harpenden, including glass ‘frameless’ options, Ahmco Exclusive will take into consideration your requirements before designing a tailored fixture. Our team are always more than happy to visit your home to assess the space to ensure that screens fit seamlessly with your decor.

Glass shower screen

Maximise Mirrors

Mirrors are known for making any space appear larger, which means that they remain a ‘must-have’ in every bathroom. If chosen and installed wisely, mirrors create the perfect focal point for reflecting light and creating the illusion of depth. Both natural and artificial lighting will bounce from the mirror around the room, making a spacious appearance day and night.

When it comes to mirrors, it is entirely your choice which style you opt for – it is all based on personal preference. Whether you install one large mirror or several decorative alternatives, you will successfully enlarge your bathroom. Victoria Plumbing stock a generous selection of mirrors so is a fantastic starting point for your search!

Light up mirror

Eliminate Clutter

Clutter is one of the biggest culprits for enclosing a room. Particularly if you are limited to space, you want to ensure that every inch is used wisely, as opposed to filled with items that could be discretely tucked away. To keep clutter at a minimum, it is vital to invest in plenty of storage.

Any items or products that you do not use every day should be stored away. Only necessities such as toothbrushes, shower gels and hairbrushes should be left on worktops or shelves. Some of our favourite examples of smart storage include the following:

  • Storage Ladder – As storage ladders sit close to the wall, they create the perfect slimline option for hanging towels or baskets filled with products. Twelve On Main has made an excellent tutorial on how you can create your own storage ladder to fit perfectly in your bathroom.
  • Towel Baskets – Towels are essential in every bathroom; however, they can take up a considerable amount of space due to their bulky nature. If you lack storage outside of the bathroom such as in an airing cupboard, then a great alternative is baskets. Available in tonnes of different sizes and styles from IKEA, baskets can be filled with towels and tucked under your sink.
  • Over-Door Shelving – Above your bathroom door is a spot that is filled with empty wall space that is rarely noticed, which means it is the ideal location for hidden storage. A shelve fitted above the door can be used for items such as toilet roll or cleaning products – things that you need in your bathroom but do not necessarily want anyone to see.
  • Mirrored Cabinet – As a popular ‘two-in-one’ storage solution, mirrored cabinets are perfect for placing above your sink. Not only will the mirror create the appearance of a more spacious bathroom, but all toiletries can be hidden away inside. A range of options can be found on the Plumbworld website.

Storage ladder

Avoid Patterns

Many homeowners get their inspiration for renovating their bathroom from quirky hotel interiors filled with bold colours and statement furniture. While this does create ultra on-trend aesthetics, it will not necessarily work towards your advantage when working with a smaller floorplan.

As mentioned previously, when talking small bathrooms, a neutral colour scheme will be in your favour. Opting for a patterned wallpaper or trendy fixtures will only enclose your space, making it seem even tighter. Aim to keep the main components of your bathroom as simple and minimalist as possible, allowing full flexibility if you change accent colours in the future. If you have your heart set on incorporating a splash of colour or patterning, limit this to your accessories. Towels, bath mats and laundry baskets are all available in an array of styles, ideal for adding a splash of personality.

Match Tiling

Although the conventional bathroom decor would be tiling around the bath or shower, with paint on the remaining walls, it does cause the room to appear smaller. The combination of different textures will make the bathroom look over-crowded creating sections, as opposed to one large space. Covering the floor and walls with a continuous tiling effect will trick the eye into thinking that there is more available room.

With years of experience providing luxury bathrooms in St Albans and surrounding areas, we suggest opting for large, plain tiles that complement your soft colour scheme. Many different retailers now offer tiles with a marble or stone effect, which is ideal if you are hoping to create a more contemporary feel. Topps Tiles has a plethora of bathroom tile variations in stock to meet all bathroom designs.

Marble bathroom

Enhance Your Bathroom

Creating a spacious yet functional bathroom filled with all of the essentials needn’t be a tricky task. Enhancing your space and using every inch to its best ability will require meticulous planning. Spend time measuring the available areas, along with the average size of components to ensure that you can configure a layout that will not waste any floor space. Try to get yourself into the routine of regularly decluttering your bathroom and ensure that all products are tucked away back in their home after use.