Benefits Of Water Softeners And Saltless Water Conditioners

By 30th September 2019News
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After investing in a beautiful bespoke bathroom, you’ll want to ensure that your brushed gold mono base mixer stays looking classy and clean. A common mistake found when installing a modern or contemporary luxury bathroom, is that clients neglect the aftercare of their beautiful brassware, freestanding baths and bespoke showers. What you may be unaware of is the fact that the build-up of limescale in and around pipes can easily be reduced by installing a water softener or saltless water conditioner. Whether you have a small budget or a big wallet, the benefits of water softeners will ensure the quality and maintenance of your bespoke luxury bathroom remains to look fresh and clean.

What Are The Benefits Of Water Softeners?

Water may be the last thing on your mind when considering a bespoke bathroom; however, it can have a big impact on the aftercare of your property. Incorporating a water softener into your design will ensure that your personally chosen fixtures remain fresh, clean and new. For those that are unsure on what a water softener is and how it can prevent your bathroom from looking dirty and uncared for, we have come up with just a few benefits of installing a water softener or saltless water conditioner.

What Are Water Softeners And Saltless Water Conditioners?

Although you may have focused most of your time on designing the perfect bespoke luxury bathroom, we would highly recommend considering a water softener or saltless water conditioner. Both of these are installed into the mains of the water supply and are not visible, making it the perfect solution for reducing limescale to protect your beautiful new bathroom. Here at Ahmco we use Aquabion saltless conditioner technology to stop any damage caused by limescale. Aquabion is an alternative to traditional salt-based water softeners, needs no storage space for instalment and has at least a seven-year life span. For more information on Aquabion technology, visit the Aquabion website.

Water softeners take hard water and removes ions to reduce limescale to soften the water, not only keeping your pipes and taps clean but also improving your health. During softening, calcium and magnesium ions are removed from the water by replacing the calcium and magnesium, storing them in the water softener, and pumping in other ions. Saltless water conditions work in a different way, adding harmless chemicals to the water to soften it before it is used to fill up your brass freestanding bath.

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Showers and Lifestyle

Stepping into a beautiful high gloss shower with a slate bath tray is instantly a treat, so why not indulge yourself into a warm, soft and clean shower experience. One of the benefits of having a saltless water conditioner is the impacts that it has on your lifestyle. Clean, limescale free water can make your skin and hair feel luscious and soft. You don’t want to step out of a luxury shower to enter a world of products trying to tame your hair when the simple solution is to install a saltless water conditioner.

After choosing from our ‘Origins’ range of shower mixers, you don’t want limescale to attack the shower diffuser and make your brushed nickel bath shower mixer look old and tired. Personal maintenance of your shower mixer will keep your shower head looking clean and new; however, there is only so far that you can clean. The chemicals in hard water can cause extreme rusting to occur in and around the diffuser, making your shower look unkeep and dirty despite trying your best to thoroughly clean. Without using water softeners, the pipes and parts of the shower that you can see will also be damaged, which will get worse over time. Limescale build-up around shower pipes will cost a lot of money to fix and may be hard to remove. It will cost you more in the long run trying to fix something that could have been prevented. Using a water softener will help with the longevity of internal piping, making sure that it’s not just your bespoke bathroom that looks good.

Glass doors on your shower can open up the bathroom and give it a fresh and clean look. However, with high levels of limescale in your water, it leaves white marks on the glass and causes severe smearing. This will make your shower look dirty and turn your smart and classy looking glass doors into a musky mess. No matter how much limescale removal you use, this can become an annoying and tedious job. Using a water softener system will make cleaning your shower doors easier as it will reduce the thick layer of limescale formed on the door. Although you will still have to clean your shower to look good at all times, a water softener will make your clean bathroom last longer and keep it low maintenance.

The best thing about bespoke luxury bathrooms in Amersham is that you can choose from a wide range of products and design every element of your bathroom from ceiling to floor. Choosing a bespoke universal basin waste top and granite shower tray to accompany the design of your bathroom can be exciting; however, without installing a water softener, these beautiful details can get damaged. The collection of limescale in the drain can make it harder for water to flow out of the shower; this can cause water to build up around the basin waste. Limescale build-up around the basin will inevitably result in it rusting and looking dirty, which won’t match your luxurious shower.

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Our Brassware range looks fantastic when matched with your favourite tiles and flooring. When opting for brass freestanding bath or shower fixtures, it is important that you know how to clean them properly. Using the right chemicals and products on your brassware can help with the longevity of your bathroom. However, you can only clean your bathroom so far before limescale damages the look and feel of the product.

Brass fixtures look best when they are clean and remain reflective, this great appearance can be damaged by hard water that contains limescale. Installing a water softener as your bespoke bathroom is fitted will ensure that your effortlessly classy brassware continues to look clean. Brassware can give your bathroom a contemporary touch to a traditional look without using old and outdated materials. However, hard water will give the appearance of an old bathroom that hasn’t been renovated in years. So, to make sure that your bathroom remains modernised, use our Limetron technology to soften your water.

Limetron technology has been tested and recommended by the United States Government for its limescale prevention. Offering reliable, high performance and cost-effective water softening, Limetron is easy to install and can help to keep your high maintenance brassware an easy cleaning job. So, if you’re looking for a bespoke shower screen in Harpenden then be sure to install a water softener.

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Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths are simply a stunning statement piece in any bathroom, big or small. Choosing from a range of materials such as high gloss and copper, as well as designs such as the traditional bowl or the new contemporary square, its a great way to emphasis your aesthetic. You don’t want hard water making your statement piece an eye-saw with its mucky appearance and rust edges. Hard water can make it difficult for soap to dissolve, meaning that you cant reach your maximum relaxation when having a bath.

Copper standing baths are a beautiful way to enhance the brass fixtures that you have chosen on your bespoke sink and shower. However, limescale and harsh water can damage your freestanding bath, turning from a shiny and highly reflective masterpiece into a hazy and rough disaster. You can protect your freestanding copper bath with special copper polish and the Advanced Hydro water softener.

Advanced Hydro water has been developed with the United Kingdom funding and controls water softening with technology to ensure that your water has no chemicals. Studies have proven that Electrolytic Scales Inhibitor’s is the most effective technology that releases ions into the water stream to soften the water. This technology will ensure that your bespoke luxury bathroom remains in top condition.

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Install A Water Softener Or Saltless Water Conditioner

When designing your bespoke luxury bathroom, try not to get all caught up with the variety of taps, basins, materials and shapes. Remember to incorporate a water softener into your design so that you can ensure the longevity of your beautiful bathroom. Damage isn’t only caused by cleaning your bathroom fixtures too hard, simple things such as water can have a big impact. If you are thinking of designing a bespoke luxury bathroom and would like to know more about water softeners, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Ahmco specialist for more details.