Top 5 Black Bathroom Design Ideas

By 22nd August 2019News
black bathroom design

Black bathrooms have become an increasing trend in high end bathroom designs. Not only do black bathrooms look stylish and modern, they also give the illusion of a larger space. There are a variety of simple and effective black bathroom design ideas that can modernise your bathroom to maximise space without compromising style.

The Perfect Black Bathroom

There are a lot of small details that go into making the perfect bathroom, from chosing the right fittings to adding the perfect furniture that gives the room it’s final touches. Black is a daring colour that perfectly shows off your aesthetic. Below we have provided you with five of our best black bathroom design ideas, all of which will make you want to have a luxury black bathroom.

1. Freestanding Baths

Bathrooms do not have to only be functional, so why not make a statement by placing a freestanding bath in the centre of your bathroom. There are multiple benefits of installing a freestanding bath that is custom fit to your bathroom.

Freestanding baths are incredibly effective at creating a focal point in the bathroom. Its simple yet impressive design can change the aesthetic of a room when accompanied by the perfect bathroom furniture. One way to make a statement with a freestanding bath is to place a black oval bath against white tiles. These baths are available in different materials to suit your taste, whether you are looking for a polished acrylic high gloss or a rustic stone or cast iron look, a freestanding bath can complement your style.

Although freestanding baths are often associated with an old-fashioned style, these baths can be made to look both traditional and contemporary. A black granite freestanding bath would appeal to the more modernised taste, while a cast iron bath would give a more traditional feel to the bathroom. For a less gothic feel to the bathroom, place white tiles on the floor or the walls to make the bath stand out for a dramatic effect.

Whether you have a big room to fill or limited space to work with, a freestanding bath can utilise space. Ahmco Exclusive can customise your chosen freestanding bath from a range of our styles and materials. Our custom fit freestanding bath means that space limitations are not a problem and you do not have to compromise style.

black freestanding bath

2. Taps and Showers

Every little detail counts when designing your perfect black bathroom, making showers and taps an essential part of your design. Whether you want an all black bathroom or simply want to add little black details, basin and shower mixers can change the aesthetic of your bathroom. Matching black basin and shower mixers against white can make small details a statement piece of your bathroom. The design of the mixer itself can also have a big impact on the style of the room, making it appear traditional or contemporary. For example, our Elements range of taps and showerheads can provide a modernised traditional aesthetic while our Notion range is a contemporary approach to bathroom design.

Adding a glass enclosure to your shower can make sure that these details can be seen, making them an important part of the bathroom design. Placing these features against white can make them stand out as a statement piece. If you are looking to have black basins and a black shower enclosure, use copper or silver taps and showerheads to emphasis a rustic design.

Smaller details such as bespoke shower screen hinges can also add to the design of your bathroom. By making these small details stand out against other features in your bathroom, they make an impact on the overall look of the room. Placing black hinges against a bespoke glass enclosure will help to emphasis this simple yet effective detail. Small details are just as important as big ones; they emphasis your style and can make simple features such as glass become a masterpiece.

After deciding what taps and shower fixtures suit your style, its time to decide on whether matt or gloss finishes are for you. Matt taps look best against marble, its bold finish against a shiny marble base allows for both the basin and the taps to dramatically stand out. The black tap will also highlight the black lines in the marble, therefore complementing each other perfectly.

3. Shower Trays

Shower trays can often be overlooked as part of your bathroom design. However, the shower tray can have a big impact on the aesthetic and finish of a bathroom. To emphasis the shower tray and give a clean look to your bathroom, we suggest installing a glass enclosure to allow for the shower tray to emphasis your design.

There are a variety of different materials and styles that can be used for your shower tray, depending on your style. Slate effect trays are the current trend in high end bathrooms and give a stylish look with its neutral yet impressive appearance. Black slate against a glass enclosure allows for light to be reflected against the shower tray, making the shower feel bigger. This makes a black shower tray perfect for those with a small bathroom.

Here at Ahmco Exclusive, we custom fit shower trays so that you do not have to compromise on design. We also take safety seriously and apply a layer of Step Sure to ensure that your shower is reliable and slip-free. Take a look at our wide range of shower trays to see how you can make every element of your bathroom a statement.

4. Bathroom Furniture

To add to your bathrooms freestanding bath and customised shower, complement it with black furniture. Furniture can have a big impact on the way a bathroom looks, working as a functional and stylish feature of the bathroom.

The perfect functional feature to add to your design are cupboards, strategically placed to utilise space. Black cabinets underneath a white sink can dramatise the cabinets, making them an essential feature of the bathroom. This would also use space that would otherwise be empty and provides storage for toiletries to be hidden. Cabinets can complement your style, choosing from a wooden or acrylic finish.

An important feature that can completely change the look of your bathroom is mirror fixtures. Bespoke mirrors that are placed along the wall can reflect light across the room, having this against black makes the room feel considerably bigger. Mirrors can also be a statement piece, having a black frame around a mirror and placing this against a white wall makes the mirror stand out like a picture frame. It is essential to have your mirrors customised to fit your bathroom to make sure that they provide functionality as well as style. Take a look at our inspiration page to see how mirrors can impact the design and appearance of your bathroom.

Granite surfaces with high gloss furniture is another growing trend in high end bathrooms. The granites rustic look against the rich appearance of high gloss complement each other. Adding a glass chandelier can emphasis the light and disperse it across the room, this light will then be reflected off the high gloss cabinets, making your bathroom look bigger and brighter. Another combination that works well is dark wood against black granite, these two materials break up the colour and look well together.

If you are looking for a dramatic effect without making your whole bathroom black, then add little pieces of black furniture to your bathroom. Little details such as painting the window frame black or having a black frame around cabinets can stop your bathroom from looking plain and boring.

Black accessories are also a good way of adding small details to a white room without making a commitment to dark fixtures. Black soap dispensers, toilet roll holders and even black towels are a cheap way of accessorising your bathroom. Make sure that these accessories match to give the full dramatic impact that your bathroom deserves.

black furniture

5. Walls and Floors

When thinking about the style and colour of your walls, there are somethings that you need to take into consideration. The purpose of the tiles is important, matt tiles work best for grip so are best placed on the floor, while glossed tills work well on the wall as they reflect light. Having black matt flooring and white gloss walls will contrast and complement each other.

The walls and floors set the tone of the bathroom before other fixtures have been fitted. Therefore, the design of the tiles can also impact the fittings that you choose to complement them. You can make the wall a feature by placing the tiles in a pattern or having black tiles with white lines separating them. This tiling will make a black freestanding bath stand out against the wall, therefore becoming an essential feature of the room. A wall can also be used as a background, allowing you to place more detailed pieces in the room.

For a wet room or steam room, stone tiles are ideal due to its durability and water resistance. To add to the relaxation of a spa in your own home, make your steam room stone tiles black. Black creates a relaxing ambience, therefore surrounding yourself with black tiles in an already relaxing environment can ensure you maximise your experience.

Although tiles make for a polished finish to your bathroom, some of us are not brave enough to commit to black walls and floors. Painting your bathroom black can give you an idea of whether it suits your aesthetic. If painting your floor or walls is too dramatic, why not paint your window frame or the door. Painting the door to your bathroom will emphasis the dramatic feeling of your bathroom before you enter. If you are unsure whether this is the right choice for you, take a look at our wall of inspiration to see how black tiling on the walls and floor can make your bathroom look simply stunning.

black bathroom wall

Are black bathroom designs for you?

Black bathrooms make an incredible statement in your home, when they are done well, they can beautifully complement your aesthetic. Even adding small black details to your bathroom can make a dramatic impact. Whether it be taps, basins, baths or showers, black makes your bathroom look contemporary and unique.

Our inspiration page will give you an idea of how extreme you might dare to go with black. You can see a range of examples from small black features to stunning statement pieces.

If you are looking for luxury bathrooms in St Albans or the surrounding area, why not take a look at our range of products and services and begin to design your perfect bathroom. For further examples of designs, take a look at our design page for examples of luxury bathrooms in Amersham and steam rooms in London.