Top luxury bathroom design ideas

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blue and grey bathroom

The bathroom is more than just a room in your home where you shower and brush your teeth; it is a sanctuary where you can unwind and pamper yourself. These luxury bathroom design ideas will turn your bathroom into the ultimate relaxation zone, boasting modern features and smart storage solutions.

Luxury bathroom design ideas for any home

No matter what size bathroom you have or your preferred style, there are design ideas catered to your needs. Making your bathroom feel more luxurious can be as simple as adding a few accessories, such as plants or decorative lighting. On the other hand, you can give your entire bathroom a makeover by turning it into an ultramodern wetroom.

If you are undecided on how you want to improve your bathroom, then luxury bathrooms in Milton Keynes are a great place to start. The professional and creative design team will help you through the whole process and create a bathroom of 5-star hotel quality. By using the latest products and incorporating brand new trends, you are guaranteed to have a bathroom all your guests will be jealous of.

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Trendy colour schemes

Deciding on the colours you want to use in your bathroom will determine the entire atmosphere of the room. If you have colours in mind, it is a good idea to ensure your bathroom accessories match, as this will create a coherent design and make the room flow effortlessly. On the other hand, if you have no idea what colours you want to use in your bathroom, here are some popular combinations you may want to consider:

Blue and white

The colour blue has been known to have positive effects on the mind and body by causing the production of chemicals that are calming and exude feelings of tranquillity. Obviously, this is a great feature to have in your bathroom as it creates an ultra-relaxing atmosphere you can use to unwind from a long day at work. When paired with white, a nautical oceanic colour palette is created. Again, this is a very popular theme for a lot of bathrooms as nautical decor never goes out of style.

Black and gold

Nothing screams glam and luxury more than the black and gold combination. Using a dark colour in your bathroom may seem like a bold move, but its effect is actually quite relaxing. However, it is important you get the balance between these two colours correct, as too much gold can be overpowering and look tacky. If you do opt for this colour scheme, you should make black the main colour and use gold as the accent shade.

Grey and yellow

Currently, grey is the most popular neutral shade and becoming the colour of the decade, so if you want a contemporary bathroom, this colour scheme is ideal. The combination of grey and yellow is classy, modern and quirky and will instantly add sophistication to your bathroom.

Modern shower screens

A shower screen is an essential feature in any bathroom, so taking your time to choose the right one is important. There are three main types of shower screens:


Arguably, frameless shower screens are the most aesthetically pleasing and effectively enhance the style of any bathroom. These types of shower screens are the preferred option for smaller bathrooms where there is limited space to accommodate for a framed screen.


Semi-frameless shower enclosures offer a more modern look than traditional shower enclosures as well as effectively preventing leakages.


Framed shower screens are designed to provide the necessary structure for a bathing unit. They are also typically made with materials that feature rounded corners and contoured profiles to filter dirt.

Bespoke shower screens in Buckingham will ensure your shower screen is practical and maximises your existing space. There are a variety of styles to choose from, and they can be customised to meet your preferences, making it a unique one-of-a-kind feature in your bathroom.

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Creative storage solutions

If you are in a rush to get you and your family ready in the mornings, it is important everyone’s belongings are organised and easy to access. These days, you are no longer restricted to the simple cupboard on the wall, and you can now use storage to add your own creative touch to your bathroom.

This ladder shelf from B&M is simplistic but very functional. Its clean lines and crisp white finish is inspired by the distinctive New England style, making it especially suited to bathrooms with a traditional style. Alternatively, you could use the spaceways 3 tier trolley which can be easily moved for convenience. It is also multi-purpose so you can use it in various rooms in your home. Available in grey or white, you are also able to pick a colour that best complements your desired colour scheme.

Freestanding baths

In recent years, freestanding baths have become an increasingly popular feature in contemporary bathrooms. Freestanding baths are a great way to give your bathroom a spa-like feel, and their standout beauty instantly adds an element of luxury to any bathroom. No matter what theme your room is, there are a variety of styles to match, including:

Single ended

The timeless single-ended design is the most common freestanding tub style. It features one rounded end, sloped for lounging and comfort, and the opposite end features the drain and faucet.

Double ended

The two rounded ends offer the option of bathing on either side with both walls being slightly sloped. The drain and faucet are located in the centre for the ultimate bathing experience.


Clawfoot bath styles have been around for many years and remain popular to this day. They are a great choice if you are trying to keep your bathroom looking traditional.

Japensese soaking

What the Japanese soaking style lacks in length, it is made up in height, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms. Their taller stature also means they typically feature an integrated seat.

For more information on the various freestanding bath styles and materials available, Signature Hardware have an excellent buying guide that will help you decide on the best bath for you.

Features and accessories

In terms of features, you can never go wrong with classic chrome. The shiny finish and slight blue hue of chrome appliances look incredibly sophisticated in the bathroom and are very easy to clean and maintain. Bella Bathrooms offer a large variety of chrome bathroom accessories, from toilet roll holders to mounted soap dispensers.

Cleanliness in your bathroom is of utmost importance, and one of the best ways to make the entire room feel clean and fresh is to add house plants. Research has found that adding plants into a room significantly reduces stress levels and creates a feeling of wellbeing. Certain plants are also extremely useful in improving air quality by reducing carbon dioxide levels and increasing humidity.

Plants that thrive in your bathroom include:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Bamboo
  • Boston Fern
  • Ivy
  • Orchid
  • Peace Lily
  • Pothos

bathroom plants


Many interior designers use mirrors as they can make smaller spaces appear larger; this is ideal if your bathroom is not very spacious. Even if you have a larger bathroom, mirrors are a stylish finishing touch that can add a dramatic effect by reflecting light. Typically, the bathroom mirror is placed above the sink, but you can get a little creative and also use several mirrors of varying shapes and sizes throughout the room.

Choosing the right mirror is entirely dependent on the size of your bathroom and the look you are trying to achieve. For ultimate luxury, this illuminated mirror from Wayfair is a great choice. The mirror is elegant in design, features a backlight and various LED lights and also has an automatic demister so you can avoid wiping down a steamed up mirror after you shower.

For a more budget-friendly option, but still aesthetically pleasing, you could opt for the Elements bathroom mirror with shelf. Crafted from bamboo wood, the incorporated shelf is a great place to store your daily bathroom essentials such as your toothbrush or face wash. Moreover, the minimalist circular design of the mirror itself creates a lovely focal point for your bathroom.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is slowly becoming a standard feature in the homes of many people, especially in the bathroom. In fact, in Scandinavian countries, nearly 80% of households are heated using underfloor heating, so it was only a matter of time before the trend made its way to the UK.

When we first wake up, our first port of call is to go to the bathroom to freshen up and get ready for the day. However, this process is made less enjoyable when you are forced to stand on a cold hard floor, especially during the winter months when mornings are that bit colder. The best way to avoid this and make your morning routine a little more comfortable is to add underfloor heating to your bathroom.

Aside from providing extra comfort, underfloor heating increases the value of your house because it is a desirable feature to home buyers. It also has increased heat efficiency compared to radiators and is relatively easy to install.

Contemporary wetrooms

Wetrooms are slowly becoming a household must-have, so if you want to modernise your bathroom, transforming it into a wet room is the best option. Aside from being utterly luxurious, wetrooms offer a plethora of benefits.

If you have children or people in your home have mobility problems, a wetroom provides an accessible shower. Without a shower tray, it is simple to walk in and out of the shower with ease. Safety is also guaranteed thanks to the level and slip-resistant floor. Wetrooms are also extremely practical, easy to clean and maximise design opportunities.

With bespoke wetrooms in Watford
you are guaruntted a seamless bathing amenity completely customised to suit your personal needs.

Transform your bathroom into a personal home spa

Whether you decide to reinvent your bathroom with a new colour scheme or install a brand new suite, you will be able to create a luxurious and chic space to chill out and enjoy some alone time.